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 Fed Up Of Dieting, Obsessing About Food and How Your Body Looks?


Transform Your Relationship with Food & Your Body.

Have you spent years obsessing about food, hating your body and vowing to

Start again on Monday?

Do you struggle to “stick to healthy eating”, regularly fall off the wagon and beat yourself up for your lack of willpower? Do you spend your days obsessing about food, the next diet and how you look or do you even look at yourself in the mirror anyone?

Can you even image feeling good in your body right now, not when you’ve lost the weight?

That’s what I want for you, to feel good now, not when………….

Hi I’m Bláithín,

I work with women just like you who’ve spent years struggling with food and their body image and feel powerless around food, to end the viscous diet-binge-body hating cycle so you can finally be in control of your eating, lose weight, feel calm and confident around food and start to love the body you are in.

As a Nutritionist, I’ll let you in on a little secret it’s not about the food, if it were then every diet you’ve tried from calorie counting to restrictive eating to punishing gym routines, would have worked. Diet’s don’t work!

It’s about the WHY behind your eating! Why do we do what we do when we know what we know?

What are we really craving and hungry for?

We all know what to do, what to eat, what exercise to do and yet still struggle with our eating and weight. You beat yourself up….Why can’t I just stick to it?

I know what it’s like ……..YOU ARE NOT ALONE,  I’ve been there, the endless cycle of hating the body you see in the mirror, punishing yourself with binge eating, having no control over your cravings, eating everything in sight and yet nothing satisfies you. Why? Because what you are really doing is feeding your feelings and they don’t want to be fed, they want to heard! It’s easier right, to sit on the couch and mindlessly eat than really face what’s going on in your world and dig deeper to discover what would really fulfill you!

So if you’ve had enough of the old weight loss system of dieting and counting calories and you are ready to get to the WHY behind your eating then let me take you on a journey to transform your relationship with food and your body.


x o x


My approach

It’s not about the food. My approach is different, I help you dig deep to unearth the why behind your eating using a mind body approach, looking at the mental, emotional and biological obstacles as to why you can’t lose weight and keep it off. Click here to learn more.

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