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5 reasons you struggle to make the “right” food choice and what you can do instead.











I hear from so many woman they just can’t help it. You get home from work you’re too tired to think about making food, you deliberate to make dinner, go out for dinner or grab a take out, maybe you even decided on the way home, takeout it is, it’s just easier right!

But it’s not just that life is hectic, there are so many factors that can get in the way of our healthy eating which makes figuring out why you struggle to choose what nourishes your health and wellness critical.


“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

Benjamin Franklin

Now let me just put a little cautionary note in here, I spoke before about language and the perils of labeling food and how you eat. So when my clients talk about choosing the “right” food or “healthy” foods, what does that actually mean? What does that mean to you?

I have always been a supporter of eating whole foods as much as possible. However if that makes you super stressed out to be buying organic veg from your local farmers market then stop. You do what is right for you, do the best that you can, start where you are at, make small changes with the resources you have. Creating stress around food will not bring you wellness. You can eat all the kale in the world but if you are a complete stress pot about it with rules and labels well that’s not going to be helpful.


  1. Stress

Yes stress, on so many levels impacts our food choices. Firstly stress is designed to be a short lived experience to deal with a situation/incident. Nowadays we prolong stress for days, weeks, months, years and this wrecks ourt health. Stressing about what to eat and not to eat all the time leads you to be super strict and then you can’t handle the deprivation and go on a massive binge.

Solution: Chill out, learn to relax around food and relax the rules you have created.


  1. Following a diet

You become so conditioned to listening to what everyone else tells you to eat you forget to listen to you. Your body knows what it wants and needs and as you well know diets don’t work, if they did you wouldn’t still be struggling with food.

Solution: Learn to listen to your body’s cues, eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full.


  1. Blood sugar imbalances

Skipping meals, eating nothing all day and then getting home at night starving and eating everything in sight does not bode well for balancing your blood sugar. Nor does eating sugary snacks throughout the day. When your blood sugar dips you crave more to bring it back to balance, if you eat too much, your body releases so much insulin you dip back down again creating an endless roller-coaster of sugar highs and lows.

Solution: Tuning into your body to see what works best for your blood sugar balance is key. Fat and protein with every meal works for most people, however we are all unique so you got to find your combination that works for your unique body type.


  1. You Emotionally eat

Hard day at the office. Get home, eat …….. you deserve it, you’ve been dreaming about it all day, sitting on the couch with your favourite comfort food. Perhaps you are just bored, nothing else to do, so you eat, chocolate, crisps, or whatever your go to is. When you are eating other than for hunger you are not connecting to what you really want. When you had a crap day at the office, your body doesn’t need food, it needs to relax. When you are bored you are not hunger, you need to find something interesting to do.

Solution: what can you do instead to honor your emotions? Have a bath, go for a walk, knit a scarf, talk to a friend.


  1. You can’t say no.

You struggle to say no when your partner brings home junk food or your mates suggest going for takeaway. Perhaps you even feel it would be rude to say no. No-one knows how it feels to be in your body only you. The people you spend time with have a huge impact on your eating behaviors, choose well.

Solution: You can’t change others so work on yourself, changing your food brain, how you see and think about food and how you choose to nourish yourself is your choice. You can choose to eat certain foods or not. Ask yourself is this food going to feel good to me? If not do something else, choose something else. You always have a choice in every moment.

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