Ready To End The Fight With Food & Your Body?

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Oh, Hun, I hear you!

You’ve done the night time binges, the diets, the inner battle – what to eat, what not to eat, the guilt, shame, beating yourself up.


You just want to find the right diet, feel good and be happy.


You’re a successful woman you’ve achieved so much in life, in your career, you’ve traveled to some amazing places, you’ve got great friends and yet you can’t figure out . . .

Why can’t a bright, intelligent woman just eat normally instead of emotionally


  • It’s been a hectic day, you’re tired you get takeout
  • You eat because you’re stressed, sad, lonely even bored
  • You’ve been good all day, even skipped meals, you deserve your nightly binge
  • But then the negative self talk kicks in……..

“Why can’t I just say no …… screw it I’ll start again tomorrow”


You always fall back into old habits and the cycle begins again.

You’re tired of constantly thinking about food, your weight, how you look.   


You know you eat when you’re emotional, I know you beautiful, sometimes it’s the best part of your day ……… sitting on the couch with your favourite comfort food.


I’ve been there, I know what it’s like. I get it.

I spent years secret eating at night, emotionally eating, seeking happiness in food.

BUT it doesn’t have to be this way.

I found a way out and I’ll tell you a little secret.

It’s nothing to do with food or your weight.


I finally got to the root of why I was eating this way. I started to get comfy with my emotions, trusting my body, nourishing her in a way that felt good.

I use these very same techniques to help women just like you stop being a slave to food, ditch the scales & negative self talk, listen to what you’re really craving and finally feel confident.


I starting using food as a young stroppy little redhead, full of emotions I didn’t know how to handle. Always being told to look, act and be someone other than me. Feeling I needed to conform but with the constant inner battle of just wanting to be me, a tomboy, free to wander and climb trees. Somehow food helped sooth the inner pain. The breakfast cereal binges as a kid, late night service station excursions for supplies as an insecure Uni student! Feeling totally lost in the aftermath of a marriage breakup. It was my go to, a habit

Life was sh*t so I eat to soothe.

Even after becoming a nutritionist, all the self help books, meditation retreats, diets ………………   none of it worked.

I had enough, I had to figure this out, what was I really craving?

I realised I just wanted to be me. The more I shed the layers of shoulds,  got clear on who I was, what I wanted, the less I needed food, I started to feel happy, good in my body. I liked who I was, the way I looked, I felt strong, confident and I started to trust my body, eat what she needed.

I ditched the scales, the weight obsession and the need to comfort eat.

Yep I still have the odd binge but now it’s my signal that something is amiss, I need to listen and heed it’s message.


OOPS how rude I forgot to introduce myself. Who am I?


Hey, I’m Bláithín Dooley, a nutritionist, (BSc Nutritional Science, Diploma Nutritional Therapy), yep I know how the body works and how food affects it. I’ve studied personal development, how the brain functions, meditation and more.


I believe you are here to be you. To uncover your deepest desires.


Your emotions are trying to be heard and nuge you closer to connect with who you truly are.



I finally connected to me, a fiery Irish redhead.

I’m happiest backpacking round the world, hiking, hanging out in nature (sea, forests, mountains) having deep chats with great friends. I’m an introvert, so I’m not into chit/chat how’s the weather type conversations!

I love coffee, dark chocolate, the odd glass of wine, a good night dancing, head banging to indie tunes. I sometimes snort when I laugh! As a kid I was more tomboy than girly (I use to pull the limbs of my dolls!).


You are not alone my dear 

I know it’s possible to end the fight with food and your body I’ve done it!

I help women just like you see it’s not about the food, another diet, more willpower or scales.

Together let’s dig deeper, unearth the WHY behind your eating so you can

  • Feel confident in your amazing body
  • Trust yourself around food
  • Listen to your emotions
  • Eat what feels good for you

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