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Are you brave enough to Ditch the Diet?














You want to look amazing feel amazing and you think another diet is going to do the trick. It’s only natural. We all want to look and feel fantastic in our bodies and we are sold over and over again the only way to do this is to try the latest diet that will help you lose weight, feel sexy and the numerous other promises they make. But if I know you, you have fallen for this trick before, am I right? Maybe a few times, you tried all the diets and you are still not where you want to be.

The thing is diets and rules around what to eat don’t work long term because they are not actually addressing the underlying reasons why you are struggling with your eating. The majority of the time food isn’t the problem. Diets don’t address your relationship with food and why you eat the way you do. They don’t look at what you are avoiding that actually needs attention and nourishment – your relationships, your unfulfilling work/career, what you do for fun, how you choose to move, who you choose to hang out with and listen to, your sleep, your self-care practice.

There is no one diet fits all, there are 7 billion people on the planet, seemingly and so really 7 billion diets and figuring out which one works for you now is not found in the next hip diet book on sale on Amazon. I know we all want someone to tell us what to do, it’s easier, believe me I know. For years I wanted someone wise woman with a crystal ball to just tell me what to do with my life! But the only diet that’s going to work for you is the one you create for yourself when you ditch diets for good and start to trust yourself again and listen to what your body really craves.

But first you have to ditch dieting. Throw away all the diet books, unsubscribe from the diets you follow. I know it’s scary, how will you know what to eat. Can you really trust yourself after all this time and all those failed diets? Yes it will be scary but you can do this. Your body has been waiting for you to listen to her. You have an innate wisdom that knows how to nourish you but all these rules drown it out.

So how can you stop dieting for good and start listening to your body?

1. Let go

Trying to have control over everything you eat, rules and restrictions only creates a feeling of deprivation. Your brain doesn’t like to feel deprived, it wants what you keep telling it you can’t have. If you keep thinking about the thing you “can’t have” your brain wants it even more! You actually become exhausted from the food obsession, counting calories, points, weighing your food, avoiding the chocolate, eventually you run out of willpower and you give in with disastrous effects. Your brain doesn’t like feeling regulated so it sabotages you to eat. Relinquish the need to control everything you eat and instead start to trust yourself and listen to what your body wants to eat.

2. Relax

Yes I did say relax. Diets create stress in the body, all that counting and depriving and telling yourself I can’t have this or that. It’s a form of stress. Do you actually feel relaxed and happy and content when you are on a diet?

No I thought so! Stress messes with your hormones and raises your need for sugar and so actually feeds into your cravings. Plus when you are stressed out all reason, patience and any semblance of willpower you have go out the window. So learn to relax, find tools you can use to calm yourself so you are in a better state to make body centered decisions.

3. Begin where you are at

Don’t wait till Monday, next week, next month or when you have finished the Ben & Jerry’s. Just start now, exactly where you are at. The diet mentality is all about, start Monday, lose weight for summer etc. Just start now. Give yourself permission to nourish your body now in a way that feels good for you.

You got this.

If you need help with gaining food freedom and letting go of the diet mentality I am now taking on clients for my 28 Day Food Freedom Kickstart. Check out the link or get in touch to book a free no obligations call to see if you are a right fit.

Yours in health,





Photo by Charles Etoroma on Unsplash

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