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Tasty Water Ideas

Water is critical to our wellbeing and the hydration of the body. Without water we become dehydrated and no-one likes the shrivelled up look right!

However I know not everyone is into drinking water, because:

  1. You think it tastes boring… Continue reading

Trust yourself around food

Trust Photo by on Unsplash













Learning to trust yourself around food it’s one of the biggest challenges for my clients to do. I hear them say over and over I have to lock… Continue reading

Banana & Chocolate Pancakes

Pancakes yakynina-anastasia-562729-unsplash

I am all for cooking from scratch and of course I try to practice what I preach as a nutritionist however I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen cooking over a hot stove. So usually for me breakfast… Continue reading

Move Your Body

Movement emma-peneder-649327-unsplash

I use the word movement and not exercise although of course exercise is movement. Why Movement?

Movement is about getting into your body, feeling what it’s like to be in your body, moving your body in the way it… Continue reading

Are you getting enough sleep?









Are you getting quality sleep?

Today is world sleep day, so why not check in and see are you getting enough quality sleep.

People under estimate sleep, it’s almost a badge of honour… Continue reading