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Got Constipation? Here’s some help

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My Wellness Manifesto

MyWellnessManifestoHere we are folks, welcome to my first blog post. I figured the best place to start is with my wellness manifesto and hopefully it will become yours as we journey along this path to wellness. Wellness for me is nurturing your body, mind, heart and soul. Being a warrior for your own wellbeing.

Eat real food

What does that even mean in this day of heavily processed food, where glossy food packaging tells you the product inside is packed full or vitamins, minerals and health giving properties? So the deal is eat real food, that’s as minimally processed and as close to nature as possible.

Choose organic where possible, heck why not try growing your own. Cook your food at home as often as possible, from scratch where you can and your body will surely thank you for it. And of course don’t forget to stay hydrated.

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