Ready To End The Fight With Food & Your Body?

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Are you ready to end your battle with food and your body and finally have the freedom to eat as you please without guilt, shame or because you are just exhausted.

Feel in control around food and confident in your food choices?

Food and Feelings 1:1 Program

Support. Tools. Accountability

For 6 weeks we will go on a journey to see what is getting in the way of eating with ease and feeling happy and comfortable with your food choices.

We will dig deep  to get to the Why behind your eating to discover the mental, emotional and biological obstacles that are preventing you having a healthy relationship with food. We will begin to create awareness of your thoughts and behaviors about food and how your brain processes them so you can change your thinking and habits about food. We will also uncover your emotional connection to food so you can learn to eat with ease, move with ease and tweak your lifestyle to finally feel good  in your body and end the constant thinking about what to eat or not to eat.

Together we will create sustainable change and transform your relationship with food by keeping you accountable and coaching you to make lasting change.

contact me to book a discover call.


Talks And Workshops

If you would like me to speak to your local group about my approach to weight loss or run a workshop please contact me.

Options include:

  • Talk: 5 shifts to take back control of your eating and your body.
  • One day Workshops:
    • Women’s Wellness : Discover your wellness goal, dissolve the obstacles in your way and create a vision to achieve it.
    • Women’s Wisdom: Learn the tools to transform your old food story so you can connect to what it is you are truly craving.

Online Programmes

Coming soon

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